Sony Ericsson Nypon Leaked Images are Not Correct

You may remember that last night I posted the Sony Ericsson 2012 handset lineup that included an unheard of Sony Ericsson Nyphon (LT-22i), well today several sites across the web have been posting leaked images of this handset sitting on a circuit board however these ARE NOT the Sony Ericsson Nypon.

Had I more time last night I would have posted this earlier and probably stopped the images being touted as the leaks however, I didn’t so I will now.

The Sony Ericsson Nypon is a qHD resolution (960 x 540 pixels) handset and the images and videos you have been seeing (one of which is posted  below) are actually of the ST Ercisson NovaThor U8500 handset which is a physical product of ST Ericsson.

The real relevance of the videos is simply that the chipset being run in that handset and showing off Ice Cream Sandwich is the NovaThor U8500 dual-core 1GHz Cortex A9 processor with ARM Mali-400 MP1 GPU which is the exact same chipset that the Nypon will run when released.

Incidentally, just today STE has published some videos of Android ICS running on the NovaThor U8500. We’ve included all three videos below that should give you a good idea of how well ICS will perform on the LT22 (Nypon). It is worth noting that all three videos are demoing ICS with hardware acceleration disabled, so the finished product should run even smoother. The board used in the video is using a 1GHz U8500 chipset with 512MB RAM.

Via: XperiaBlog

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