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Nexus 7 Gets Minor OTA


The Nexus 7 has received a minor OTA tonight and when I say minor I mean minor as in practically nothing changed at all. The only change is the about tablet screen. There is now a section for FCC ID, IC and Model Number. The update brings the tablet up to JRO03D only changing the last letter from a ‘C’. ... Read More »

Verizon Galaxy S III Will Get OTA That Unlocks Bootloader

Outraged developer community may have just won with Verizon after they complained to Verizon that their device had a locked bootloader. A email from Verizon customer support states that there will be an OTA update ‘soon’ that will unlock the bootloader soon. ” My name is Levar and thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless about the boot loader for the ... Read More »

Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi Version Should Be Seeing Jelly Bean Soon

When Android 4.1 was first announced one of the devices that Google said the latest version of Android would be coming to was the Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi version and we may see Google’s word come true very soon. Motorola’s Feedback Network let us know about an update that was sent out to testers and we do expect it to be ... Read More »

Samsung Post Source To ICS Build For Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II


Samsung’s way of getting involved with the community of Android development is posting their sources on their, Open Source Release Center website. Recently the source of the FF18 build showed up. Why is this build important? It is the official ICS build for the Samsung Galaxy S II variant on Sprint. While the source is useless to the normal consumer ... Read More »

HTC One S Maintenance Update Starts Pushing Out

If you own an HTC One S and live in USA then over the next few days you should be seeing a Maintenance Update pushing out OTA. The update version number is 1.84.531.2.710RD: Resolves goodbye splash not appearing when powering off due to low battery. Resolves voicemail indicator not appearing while using Wi-Fi calling. Improvements to Wi-Fi Calling Improvements to ... Read More »

Australian Galaxy S II Gets Android 4.0

The Samsung Galaxy SII was the biggest device of 2011 and now it is being updated to Android 4.0 in Australia. Australian carrier Telstra received the Android 4.0 update today over the air. The update comes in a 200MB package, and is Android version 4.0.3. The update will bring along the new tasty treat while keeping the Touchwiz interface. Via ... Read More »

Android 4.0 Update Coming Early To The Acer Iconia A500

The Acer Iconia Tab A500 was supposedly getting Android 4.0 on April 27th, according to Acer. Well this seems not to be true as some users are already getting the update. That’s right a company is sending out updates early instead of delaying them. This may have just been a mess up on Acer’s end that released the update over ... Read More »

Software Update Received By The HTC One X

The HTC One X is receiving a mysterious software update or at least that is what is being reported by some owners of the unbranded HTC One X. The software update brings the device up to version 1.28, and there is no official change log out for the update. Apparently the update brings no new features or functionality, so the ... Read More »

Chrome For Android Beta Receives An Update

Google has been working on the Chrome For Android Beta for a little while now and today it received a brand new update. The browser is built for Android 4.0 phones, and tablets and will bring more integration with Google. Today’s update bring the following: You can now request the desktop version of a website, in case you would rather ... Read More »

Instagram Updated To Support Tegra 3


Instagram launched not too long ago on Android and it has been so popular ever since. It has reached a ridiculous amount of downloads and I don’t see they hype, twitter can share photos too except twitter is better. Even Tumblr is better but that’s not the point of this post. Instagram was updated and this time the update will ... Read More »