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The HTC one for all your lying, cheating and dirty photo needs

Are you "that lying barsteward" who likes to text dirty messages to other woman? or perhaps you are "that Cheating Biatch" who sends naked selfies to men she met at a club while your man was looking after the kids and worrying you might not make it home, or if he had given you enough money for you to enjoy yourself?!

Are you worried you might get found out? look no further! The new HTC One now comes with "cheating on your spouse mode"!
OK OK maybe its not called that, but it could be.  The HTC One has a nice feature called "secure Messages". Basically it allows you to send individual texts or entire conversations into a secure folder that requires a password to enter.
The whole folder is unobtrusive and a little hidden away so really comes in handy for hiding your dirty little secret.
I will admit there are other reasons one might need a secure text folder, bank details someone has messaged for example, or addresses you don’t want to lose but I cant be the only one who thinks this is just a bit sordid can I?

Can I?

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  • Yannick Binnenweg says:

    “Hey big boy you are soo dam…”

  • Kym says:

    Could have sworn I was reading the Daily Mail then!