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Android X86 first Jelly Bean 4.3 build available for download


The Android-X86 project has been walking in the shadow of Googles mobile operating system for some time now and whenever a new version drops it generally takes a couple of months for X86 to catch up.  This time the team were on the ball and have released their first 4.3 test build before many with Nexus devices have had their ... Read More »

Android-X86 build 20130228 (JB) released

The Android-X86 project have updated there Jelly Bean test release to full 4.2.2.  The code which follows the MB-MR1.1 branch was updated early this morning and source is also available via git.  Unlike previous versions of the operating system, the JB branch is a single universal build rather than a host of individual builds for OEM specific hardware.  The updated ... Read More »

Android-X86 Google code ban lifted

After reporting yesterday how closure of the Android-X86 project on Google code was imminent   common sense has prevailed and the the ban threat has now been lifted. It seems the issue stems from Google’s automated attempts to fish out people using Google code for file hosting, and/or malware.  Google use processes that search for Code projects that host files for download, but don’t provide source ... Read More »

Android X86 Review - Expanding Your Android World

The beauty of android is its open nature. It can be installed on phones, tablets, in car control panels and your PC, among other hardware. Sometimes it is chosen for corporate reasons, and other times it is hacked onto hardware just for the sake of it. This article is about the Android-X86 project, a project to port Android to Intel ... Read More »