HTC One X+ Appears in Benchmark

On Nenmark2 benchmark, an unpublished smartphone has appeared. The PM63100 or the HTC One X+. The handset is pretty much the same as the standard One X but features a 1.7 GHz processor and will run Android 4.1.1 . The handset has the codename HTC Evitaire and will be introduced to the US on At&t. See the benchmark result below for a few bits on the specification.


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  • Sebastian Gorgon

    So it’s pretty much a HTC One X but for AT&T

    • Tony Simons

      HTC One X is already on AT&T. Isn’t this supposed to be for T-Mobile?

      • Sebastian Gorgon

        Article says at&t

  • George Av

    LMFAO only 58 fps the dualcore galaxy s3 bitch slaps this with 60fps

    • Tyler Saddington

      It’s Jelly Bean’s Project Butter that is limiting it… JB has the 60fps limit but HTC must have it at 58…